Immediately upon moving my horse (Magic 17 HH Irish Sports Horse) to a new yard I found he morphed into a nervous and anxious wreck whose behaviour was bordering upon the dangerous. This was despite him having visited the yard several times previously and moving with his field mate. I begin questioning my ability to cope with him and found that any time he was separated from his mate, mayhem ensued. He has an unknown history prior to his previous owner and numerous scars that we have no detail about.

After discussing him with Jane, she suggested I try him on some flower essences (and me to a certain extent!). Being battered and bruised I was willing to try anything that didn’t result in scaring or harming him. So we developed a new routine and the start of every daily session he was offered a few drops of Peaceful Pet. Magic decided that he liked for it to be rubbed across his forehead and over his eyes (interestingly where he has an old injury, a dent in his skull, cause unknown). Each day I rubbed it into my hands and offered them to him and he lowered his head and rubbed against them and then continued our grooming session.

Fast forward a month or so and I have my old horse back, relaxed, settled and trusting in me. He loves our quiet times together, rather than panicking about being away from the herd and whenever we have a potentially stressful situation I bring out the Peaceful Pet. It’s a very useful tool for the tack box and one that I like to have on hand just in case. So both Magic and I have a big thank you to Jane for restoring peace and tranquillity to our relationship.

SB – Bristol – England

I met Jane through my place of work and decided to take her up on an offer to help me through a tough time.  Jane listened and provided an insight into what and how flower essences could help me.

I first trialed the drops and then moved to drops, spritzer and shower gel.  I was amazed by the lift they gave me and the effect which they had. One flower essence brought out a real feisty side to me!!! I sprayed myself before job interviews and felt calm, relaxed and in control. 

I consider them a great alternative to chemical options and will continue to go back to Jane for these wonderful products.  I am sure that because they are made by Jane they have an extra special bit of love and positivity added into them.

KM – Bath – England

I discovered Jane and her essences over two years ago through our mutual friend Sara! I was one of Jane’s case study volunteers! At the time I was undergoing challenging personal circumstances and the world seemed a grey place! Jane’s cheerful manner and positive outlook at the first consultation made me feel better immediately! I chose pictures of flowers I was drawn to and Jane made me a bottle of flower essences to take home!! The aim was to improve my mood and to lighten and brighten life as flowers do in the home! Daffodil, my favourite flower, was definitely in the mix. The effects were gradual and subtle but six months later I could appreciate how, emotionally, things had improved for me! Though my situation was much the same I was coping better! I had several more consultations with Jane until her move to France although we can continue using Skype! The emotional positivity continues due at least in part to the healing powers of the flowers, I am certain! Thank you Jane and les fleurs!!

JB – Whitstable – England